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All services advertised on the TRUST IN TALENT platforms are services rendered by the members of its network. The TINTED STUDIO brand is the in-house label for members with that "X-factor" that are looking for some management support in making a living of their art.


We have a catalogue of platforms to spread the word about your brand. The content on our platforms is curated to reflect Trust in Talent's core value: inspiring and promoting creative talent. You can count on us to select the right media mix for your message. At Trust in Talent, we believe the Medium is the Message. In other words, the platforms in themselves have an influence on your message and on its audience. It is therefore  very important to find the right medium for your message.


We have carefully designed our communication platforms to match native user habits. At Trust in Talent we believe that Content is king, only, if Community is Queen! The experience we have gathered from our own platforms can easily be translated to your personal needs. We can help you identify your community and then set up the channels and procedures you need to engage your followers and grow your leads. If what you lack is support in the production of your social media content we also have professionals for that. In other words, we can provide you with a complete social media management package.


Along the years we realised that there is always a recurring challenge that arises in every project: the need for specialised human resources. We have a large network of members and partners that can satisfy a wide range of services. If we don't have the perfect match in our network we have developed efficient methods for finding the talent you still need for your project. From the band, you need for your event to the designer for your website. You tell us what your needs are and we have someone ready for you.


The team from the TINTED STUDIO brand has access to a fully equipped recording and video editing studio for beginners in Music Production, video editing and voice recording. It is located not far from Luxembourg City center and can be easily accessed by public transport. To get access to the studio, all it takes is for you to become a member of the CCJA asbl and pay a membership fee of 100€ per year to that asbl. The recording sessions will be supervised by one of the junior members of the Trust in Talent asbl. So what are you waiting for. Get in touch with us and book a slot for your next recording session.

Top services


There are certain services that can also be structured in packages. These packages are generally centred around an overarching goal: Fundraising, EventsEducationBrand development.



Every project needs resources. However, it is not always possible to carry the cost without partners. If you are still missing that extra financial help we might have a solution for your.


Our specialists have experience in three types of fundraising:

  • Subsidies & Grant applications

  • Fundraising Platforms & Events 

  • Sponsorships & Gifts

Become a member and submit a project for which you want to get funding. We will evaluate your best chances and get back to you with a proposal.



Event management is probably one of the most requested services of the TRUST IN TALENT network. Every event has its own particular needs. We have therefore structured our event management services in three service packages: Bronze, Silver & Gold. These packages are standard examples of services we render. However, these standard service packages can be adapted to your personal event aspirations. Contact us if you want anything specific and we will make you an offer

Event management


Our members share their knowledge with other members through talks, workshops and consultancy sessions. Send in your request and we will pass it on to a professional that can satisfy your needs. Apart from providing courses Trust in talent can also support you with your market or product research. Our media managers are taught in scientific methodology and can provide you with research papers on your market, business plan, technology or engage with your community through queries, questionnaires and reporting activities. Fill out our request form and receive a personalised program for your further education.



IF you want to work on your next album or want to get access to a meeting space to coordinate your project, reach out to the TINTED STUDIO team and get access to the community club house run by the CCJA asbl. This club house is reserved for young talents that are starting out and can't yet afford a professional studio. It is your chance to get to know the trade and produce your first project. Book your first session and receive more information about how you can profit from this offer.

Brand development


Our afiliate services are services we provide through afiliate organisations or companies that have joined the Trust in Talent network. You can book their services through us. We evaluate your demand and pass it on to the the proffesional that is best placed and specialised in exactly what you need.

Afiliate servicers


We have a strong network of content producers such as Video makers, photographers, and graphics designers. If you are looking to outsource the content production for your communication or just need a hand in designing a logo or your next social media banners & posts, search no further. We produce content for print and digital media platforms. Our professionals can adapt to your needs and can format your content so it seamlessly integrates into your marketing mix on all the existing platforms. We can also set up what you need to become an ace in live broadcasting over social media.


We have a longstanding experience when it comes to running projects. For artists, we have managed projects such as the launch/release of their work and helped them grow their brand. For the more corporate clients, we have managed product launches and developed events and communication channels to help them reach more potential conversions, leads and optimize their own work procedures. We also do further development for projects that are already running but are not meeting their targets. This often involves the restructuring of the business model or a revamping of the graphical chart of a project. Recruitment is also an important part of the overall project management. To find the best team for a project you need to have a large pool of potential team members and you need to take into consideration each team member's personality and skill-set. 


If you are not sure how exactly Trust in Talent can help you please take a few minutes to one of our request forms. One of our project managers will then be in contact with you shortly.

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