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Trust in Talent federates with different artist collectives to form a network of little independent labels. If you want to get in contact with a specific label in the network or if you are looking for a label in general give us a shout. We might find the label that trusts in your talent.





Trutal is the label for all the top creatives that the TINT nettwork promotes and supports. It is a multidisciplinairy label and deals with creatives from the music, film, dance, theatre and design industries.

De Läbbel

Born from the needs of the luxembourgish rap duo De Lab a strong community of hiphop lovers has risen and marked many up and coming new hiphop talents.

Church of Analogue

From the passion for analogue art forms a small label was created. It curates and helps creatives that use analogue techniques to express themselves and find a public. Originally centred around electronic music production with analogue machines this little label is looking for the next talent in a variety of disciplines.

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