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Trust in Talent can help you find the right artist for your event. Get in contact with our information desk and find out how we can help!



Below are just a few of the artists that can be booked through Trust in Talent. If you want more information about our catalogue or you are looking for a booker for your own work get in touch with our bookers

De Läb

Live hip hop band that started out as a 

luxembourgish rap duo and now has the support of renowned luxembourgish musicians.

Their music centers around themes dear to the "Minett", the old steal industry region of the Grand-Duchy. Active for over 12 years De Läb got to share the stage with important artists of the Hip Hop scene such as Snoop Dogg, Krs One, IAM & Nas. De Läb Orchästra project is the formations most recent big project. Contact us if you want to know more about how much we trust in their talent. 

De Läb by Eric Delgado.jpg


One of the biggest newcomers of 2018. He is a quick tongued rapper with a touch of future, dark, melancholic rap flows & energetic live shows. He has a very strong export potential. We trust in his talent from the beginning. His presence at your gig is just an email away. contact us for more information.

_MG_5685 (2).jpg

M0nk3y Drunk DJ's

Trust in Talent has built, under the collective name M0nk3y Drunk, a stable reputation for providing clubs in and around Luxembourg with fresh new local Dj's and wild parties. If you need a DJ of any kind let us know and we can see what we have.

M0nk3y Drunk

Kendra J. Horsburgh

Kendra Horsburgh is a trailblazing female creative leader who has worked around the world since 2005 and co-founder of BirdGang Ltd, a Young Vic Associate Dance Company.

​Kendra lays great importance on authenticity and versatility. She is fluent in many genres of movement and narrative, catering for film, arena stages, theater, the digital world and the new ways we are consuming creative content. Not only recognized for the productions she has toured with, but also the music videos she has choreographed and the artists she has coached; both nationally and internationally. Her mission is to tell thought provoking stories and paint vivid and striking pictures through dance, theater, and technology.



An immersive 360 degree experience, where virtual reality technology and dance theatre seamlessly coexist. The first experience of it's kind, that engages all senses and leaves you with a personal, life changing experience.



Biggest Luxembourgish Beatbox-export and currently based in Vienna, Austria.

He is the 2x austrian champ  and 2x last 16 world contestant. After beatboxing for over a decade he now works as an entertainer. He manages to deliver deep basslines, electronic style beats with his mouth and knows how to do a mean loop-session with his looper. You'd better trust in that talent! Let us know if you want to book him.


Crop Circuit

What started as a way to produce spontanious music, James Jinx begann to experiment with drummachines, sequencers and loopers. Joined by a variety of musicians, each Crop Circuit gig is unique and evolves with the energy of the night and the mood of the crowd. The music is live and unprepared travel through influences of funk, deep  and organic house and minimal electro. To book them you have to trust in their talent to deliver when it counts. Let us know if you are up for a unique experience.


James Jinx

James Jinx is a multidisciplinairy musician and songwriter. He has a strong passion for improvising and has a long experience in running Jamsessions and being the frontman of differnt bands from different spectrums of the musical genres. His latest work in collaboration with Rodger-N-Furter focuses on heavy underground electro hip hop influences and old school sampling techniques. Their combined love for mixing musical genres has brought many unusual and unexpected results.


Kopla Bounce

Kopla Bounce is one of the usual suspects to run the decks around Luxembourg when it comes to dub/reggae/hiphop loaded venues. He has specialised in feel good music and provides his listeners always with a big smile and good vibes.

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